Swift Wesley A. - You

Author : Swift Wesley A.
Title : You : before the world was framed
Year : 19*

Link download : Swift_Wesley_A_-_You.zip

We now go to a subject which is very important; one with which people should become more familiar, since it contains areas of tremendous interest to the Bible student; as it surely should, since it pertains to the household of the Most High God. We are now going to talk about you - you - before the foundation of the world, you - before the worlds were framed - you, in the beginning. Strange as it may seem, there is one problem that has been be setting Christianity for some time, and this is, as they follow the passages and texts taught in individual denominations to support areas of doctrines of the faith, and have familiarized themselves within these areas, dealing with important events, such as events around the Me ssiahship of Christ and His atonement; here - they have lost all concept of the great background of our history as it relates to us, before we entered into this world of experience. ...

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