Takens Roelf - Astrology Its technics and ethics

Author : Takens Roelf (C. AQ. Libra)
Title : Astrology Its technics and ethics
Year : 1917

Link download : Takens_Roelf_-_Astrology_Its_technics_and_ethics.zip

Introduction. Many of those who take up the study of astrology complain of the great obscurity of the books of study, of the many technical terms, incomprehensible to the laity, and especially of the difficulties of the calculations, which latter are unsurmountable for those who have no knowledge of mathematics and cosmology. I will, therefore, try to remove these obstacles, by using foreign names as little as possible, and by simplifying the calculations in such a manner that any one of average intellect and with a knowledge of ordinary arithmetic, may be able to follow this study without much difficulty. Further, I will try to be as brief and clear as possible, omitting all superfluous digressions, and yet giving a fairly complete survey of that branch of Astrology which is called Genethliacal Astrology, that which applies to nativity or birth. ...

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