Talmadge Herman E. - You and segregation

Author : Talmadge Herman E.
Title : You and segregation
Year : 1955

Link download : Talmadge_Herman_E_-_You_and_segregation.zip

The horror and cruelty of the Communistic "brain-washing" of our prisoners of war in Red China shocked and sickened the free world. We asked ourselves how such a thing could happen in a civilized world. We wondered if it might happen to us. We wondered if we, as individuals, might be able to withstand this treatment. The American people owe an everlasting debt of gratitude to those fighting men who were able to withstand those inhumane ordeals. They did not let our nation down. That is more than can be said for many people right here in the United States, who have never had to fight the Communists on the battlefields or in prisoner of war camps. For over a decade now, the American people have been undergoing another form of vicious and dangerous "brain-washing." It is so cunning and subtle that few of us have been able to recognize it. Yet, it too, is being directed by the most notorious "brain-washers" the world has ever known, the international Communists. Stop and think for a moment. How many times have you read in your newspapers and magazines or heard over the airwaves this question: "What will Russia say if our government does this?" How many times have you read or heard this: "What will the Reds say if we don't do this?" or "What will the Communist newspaper Pravda print about the United States because we do this or that?" In some instances we have shaped our national policy by trying to please the Communists. On other occasions we have waited to establish a national poJicy until the Communist have acted. We are afraid they will criticize us before the world if we do not. We have seen and are seeing our Bill of Rights endangered by trying to appease the Reds. Too many things are being done in our country and by our country because we keep looking back over our shoulders at the Communists. ...

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