The Journal of Historical Review - Volume 08

Author : The Journal of Historical Review
Title : Volume 08
Year : 1988

Link download :

Henri Roques From the Gerstein Affair to the Roques Affair. Alexander V. Berkis Soviet Russia's Persecution of Latvia. Otto Ernst Remer My Role in Berlin on July 20, 1944. R. Clarence Lang Imposed German Guilt : The Stuttgart Declaration of 1945. Martin A. Larson An Update on the Dead Sea Scrolls. - Reviews - Shoah (The Film) . Shoah (The Book) . Rebel Patriot : A Biography of Franz von Papen Verschwoerung und Verrat um Hitler : Urteil des Frontsoldaten Hollywood Goes to War : How Politics, Profits & Propaganda Shaped World War II Movies . Confessions of a Holocaust Revisionist. - HISTQRICAL NEWS AND COMMENT - German Court Rejects Judge Staeglich's Appeal. The Mueller Document. ...

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