The strange death of Adolf Hitler

Author : Macaulay company
Title : The strange death of Adolf Hitler "An Amazing Document of World-Shaking Importance"
Year : 1939

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On the last Friday in January, 1939, we were presented with the most unusual manuscript that has come to us in thirty years of publishing. The unimpeachable sources from which it emanated were a guarantee of its authenticity. The immense world-importance of the facts stated in the document gave us no alternative but to present it to the world without delay. The central and most vital fact is that Adolf Hitler, the Nazi Fuehrer and dictator, was assassinated at 2:13 A . M . on September 29, 1938, the night before the consummation of the Munich Pact; and that an opportunist double is ruling in his stead. In view of the importance of this matter, a brief statement of the facts connected with our receipt of the manuscript is essential. It was handed to us by a German officer high in the German merchant marine, who had just arrived from the other side, and at once telephoned for an appointment and called on us. We had known him for a number of years; and knew that, like so many of his fellow-officers, he did not approve of Nazi excesses or the Nazi philosophy, although his position of course depended upon his concealing this. ...

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