McNallen Stephen A. - The values of Asatru

Author : McNallen Stephen A. (The Asatru Free Assembly)
Title : The values of Asatru
Year : 1985

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This booklet is made up of a series of articles which appeared in "The Runestone" over a period of more than two years. These essays were designed to answer frequent questions about what we believe - not in terms of theology, but as expressed in the values by which we live. We are a people cut off, in many ways, from our ancestral wisdom. Recovering that birthright is a task which can be approached from several angles - not the least of which is daily adherence to the moral traits honored by our forebears, those heroes of old who pleased the gods with their noble conduct. Maybe we cannot all be heroes. but all of uscan live better, more elevated, and more fuifilling lives, The Values of Asatru is a tool toward that end. There is a companion volume to this booklet, The Lessons of Asgard, which studies the stones of the gods and goddesses and offers an analysis of just what they have to tell us about the essential code of Asatru. Together, these volumes give a solid grounding in the principles of our religion. Stephen A. MtNallen Breckenridge, Texas. ...

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