Thoreau Henry David - Walden

Author : Thoreau Henry David
Title : Walden
Year : 1854

Link download :

Why Henry Thoreau did live in the woods? - a very quick answer. A paper due soon on Walden? The Walden Express may be just your ticket. Ask Jimmy - collected student questions & answers - the primary message of Walden One Less Accountant: "Thoreau and Emerson saved me from spending a large chunk of my life as an accountant. Walden had the approximate effect of a 2x4 thwacking me between the eyes." A contemporary review... "The economical details and calculations in this book are more curious than useful; for the author's life in the woods was on too narrow a scale to find imitators. But... he says so many pithy and brilliant things, and offers so many piquant, and, we may add, so many just, comments on society as it is, that this book is well worth the reading, both for its actual contents and its suggestive capacity." - A.P. Peabody, North American Review, 1854 100 years later... "Thoreau, very likely without quite knowing what he was up to, took man's relation to nature and man's dilemma in society and man's capacity for elevating his spirit and he beat all these matters together, in a wild free interval of self-justification and delight, and produced an original omelette from which people can draw nourishment in a hungry day." - E.B. White, The Yale Review, 1954. ...

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