Tlachac Math S. - The history of the belgian settlements

Author : Tlachac Math S.
Title : The history of the belgian settlements in Door, Kewaunee and Brown Counties ... a legacy in 10 parts
Year : 1974

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Part 1. Four generations of Belgian people have lived and toiled in area; once there were a few who remembered early days. Between Green Bay and Sturgeon Bay is a region along the bay which is populated almost exclusively by people of Belgian origin. It is the largest rural settlement of people of this nationality in the United States and covers an area 20 miles wide and 50 miles long. Four generations of Belgian people have lived and toiled there since this land was r eclaimed from the wilderness and up to three decades ago there were a few old men and women who remembered how this region appeared when they and their parents penetrated into the vast primeval forest to start a new life. The following is a history of the Belgian settlement as obtained by research and what elder Belgians have said about the development of the area which they occupied. Some history is also included specifically about the Township of Brussels, which is the region of my birth. The first Belgian known to penetrate this region was Father Louis Hennepin, a missionary who was born in Ath in the province of Hainaut, Belgium. ...

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