Tlass Moustafa - Matzo of Zion

Author : Tlass Moustafa
Title : Matzo of Zion
Year : 1990

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The history of this plate. The renewal of accusation regarding the religious ritual murder, in Damascus, led Sir Moses Montefiore to realize that the Metallic Plate which is placed inside the Capucin Church in this city, in addition to the accusation of the Jews of murdering Father Thomas, will continue to be the source of religious hatred towards them (the Jews). And after he received, in the year 1840, from Cardinal Rivorola (the Chief of the Capucin Order in Rome) the assurance that the text of the hostile writing will be removed; and the obtaining a firm and adequate support from the French Government, Sir Moses found an appropriate chance to travel to Damascus and intervene, in person, on the actual scene of the matter. He arrived in Damascus on July 3, 1849. Sir Moses had the courage to go, in person, to the Church, and in the presence of two priests he copied the text in Arabic and Italian languages. It appears that there was some doubt regarding the accuracy of the text.... The tombstone in the Capucin Church in Damascus, as a reminder of Father Thomas' death, became a source of continuous concern for Sir Moses. In order to request the assistance of the French Government, Sir Moses and Lady Montefiore returned to Paris during the month of December, 1849. In Paris, Sir Moses met with General Lafitte, the Minister of Foreign Affairs; and soon thereafter he was received by Louis-Napoleon, the President of the Republic. ...

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