Top 7 Myths About Israel and Zionism

Author : ZI
Title : Top 7 Myths About Israel and Zionism
Year : 2002

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Myth #1: The Jews were there first The Canaanites were there before the Hebrews came in 1800 B.C. The present-day Palestinians are descendants of Canaanites, Arabs, and others. The Jewish Kingdoms were only one of many periods in ancient Palestine, and endured for only 73 years. (Sources: “Their Promised Land”, Marcia Kunstel and Joseph Albright / “Arab and Jew in the Land of Canaan”, Illene Beatty ) Myth #2: Zionism is about escaping from the Nazis “I have already gone exhaustively into the reason for our being here, reasons that I as a pioneer of 1906 can affirm have nothing to do with the Nazis…. Nazism and our history of martyrdom abroad do not concern our presence in Israel directly.” (David Ben-Gurion, First Israeli Prime-Minister, Memoirs, 1970 ) Myth #3: Zionism is based on Judaism "...Zionism is diametrically opposed to Judaism. Zionism wishes to define the Jewish people as a nationalistic entity. The Zionists say, in effect, 'look here, God. We do not like exile. Take us back, and if you don't, we'll just roll up our sleeves and take ourselves back…. This, of course, equals heresy. The Jewish people are charged by Divine oath not to force themselves back to the Holy Land against the wishes of those residing there. So if they do, they are open to the consequences..." (Rabbi Hirsch, Jerusalem, Washington Post, October 3, 1978) Myth #4: Palestine was a wasteland before the Jewish arrival "Britain's high commissioner for Palestine, John Chancellor, recommended total suspension of Jewish immigration and land purchase to protect Arab agriculture. He said 'all cultivable land was occupied; that no cultivable land now in possession of the indigenous population could be sold to Jews without creating a class of landless Arab cultivators'...The Colonial Office rejected the recommendation." ("Palestine and Israel: A Challenge to Justice.", John Quigley). ...

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