Torrens R. G. - The secret rituals of the Golden Dawn

Author : Torrens R. G.
Title : The secret rituals of the Golden Dawn
Year : 1972

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Introduction. A student of the occult in modern times cannot extend his researches very far without meeting some reference to 'The Golden Dawn', or some of its members. Real information about this body is not easy to find. Whatever the origin of the Order, there is no doubt whatsoever that it had a valuable place around the turn of the century. Unfortunately its. history was soon to be mingled with dissent. Bureaucratic control lapsed into dictatorship, the fundamental tenets became altered, rituals were modified, and disruption led the way to its decay. All this does not alter the fact that the format of the rituals and ceremonies was related to the Qabalah system of philosophy. This allowed for the co-relation of various correspondences to a common denominator, i.e. the paths and the Sephiroth on the Tree of Life. ...

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