Valorian Society - Human History

Author : Valorian Society
Title : Human History viewed as sovereign individuals versus manipulated messes
Year : 1986

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We humans usually recognize something we call reality that is different from our thoughts and dreams. It includes matter that has continuity in time, extension in space, and a force, or will, that overrides our thoughts and dreams. Most of us divide matter into two categories: non-living matter and living things. We, and all living things, have command over the force of a limited portion of matter that we call our bodies. Our will uses the force of this limited portion of matter to interact with the world of reality. All living things eat, or absorb matter that is not part of their bodies, and thereby increase the portion of matter that responds to their wills. Some humans have become fascinated by their ability to manipulate the force in non-living matter. The fascination that some find in manipulating what is outside themselves, living things as well as non-living matter, goes to an extreme that triggers opposition from others. The total amount of matter that has extension in space and continuity in time is awesomely great in comparison to that which is under the command of an individual's will. We can postulate that there is, or was, a will controlling the whole; or we can postulate that the force in non-living matter is not, and possibly has never been, under the command of a will similar to our own. The authors of this work recognize that we, we living things, have creative consciousness. Our current knowledge indicates that we evolved from an aboriginal single cell. Because our creative consciousness is born as part of us, we think it is sound reasoning to assume that there is, or was, an aboriginal creative consciousness from which our own was born - and to assume that creative consciousness of the same heritage, along with the will that directs the force of our bodies, is within all living things. Some humans try to communicate their impressions of total reality to other humans in words. The invention and use of words might be a great accomplishment if words were used exclusively to communicate. However, a misuse of words - the use of words, not to communicate but to control the will of others - has created a worldwide problem for the human species. Mass warfare is a very conspicuous aspect of this problem. A less conspicuous aspect is peaceful mass acquiesence to the acts of those who are poisoning the earth, air, and water on which all living things depend. A third, but still less conspicuous aspect, is the destruction of human life's quality by the use of manipulated masses to destroy individual freedom. The manipulated masses force individuals to surrender their innate sovereignty and creative consciousness to a fictional sovereignty and will that is claimed as a group prerogative by the groups' manipulators. Word-controlled groups are crowding out all direct interaction between individuals and total reality. Human individuals are ceasing to function as anything other than parts of a group. The quality of individual human life is being reduced to that of a cell in a multicelled organism. This work will examine the specific misuse of words that has led to this condition. Its authors view the trend as undesirable and want to reverse it. This work presents that viewpoint for open discussion. Reversing the present trend means consciously rejecting the misuse of words for mass manipulation and reclaiming our individual sovereignty from the word manipulated group. This cannot be done by creating a new word manipulated group. It can only be done by the cooperative effort of conscious, perceptive, reasoning individuals. Our examination of the workings of a non-manipulated group of perceptive individuals will give us an example that was once a major world force. Words, which override the perception and will inherited from the aboriginal creative consciousness, are imposed on most children while they are extremely young. Overriding the newborn individual's innate conscious perception with words may be done willfully, or may be done unintentionally because inprecisions and double meanings are built into the language. We will try to avoid confusing words, and limit what we postulate about the currently functioning long range direction of the creative consciousness to what can be deduced by observing the world of reality. ...

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