Van Ness Myers Philip - Ancient History

Author : Van Ness Myers Philip
Title : Ancient History
Year : 1904

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The first revision of this book, as stateH in the preface to the edition of 1904, was issued sixteen years after its first publication as a textboolc. After another interval, of twelve years, I now give out this second revised edition. The text has again been subjected in every part to a careful revision and the latest assured results of discovery and research have been incorporated. The additions include, besides many new sections, a wholly new chapter (under the title of AEgean Civilization) on the Cretan and the Mycenasan period. The series of cuts has been augmented by the adjlition of many new illustrations, including five plates in colors. Works of special importance that have appeared since the issue of the first revised edition of the book have been added to the bibliographies, and books superseded by later works omitted from the lists. In the Topics for Class Reports the subjjSdts suggested, it will be noted, bear largely on the private life, the manners, and the customs of the period under review ; that is, on matters which could not be given detailed treatment in the text without leaving lank and meager the narrative of events. That the citations for readings in the preparation of these reports might possess the maximum of usefulness for schools whose expenditures for books must be carefully limited, these selections have, in so far as possible, been restricted to just a few of the best, yet inexpensive, books on the subjects named. For assistance that I have received in the" work of revision on this edition I am under special indebtedness to Dr. W. Max Müller, of the University of Pennsylvania, who kindly read the manuscript of the chapters on the Orient and favored me with many valuable suggestions. To Dr. Joseph Edward Harry, of the University of Cincinnati, I also owe thanks for aid in reading the proofsheets of the chapters on Greek history, and to Mr. Stillman Percy Roberts Chadwick, of The Phillips Exeter Academy, for a similar service in connection with the proofsheets of the chapters covering the history of Rome. P. V. N. M. College Hill, Cincinnati. ...

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