Venner Dominique - The shock of History

Author : Venner Dominique
Title : The shock of History Religion, memory, identity Interviews conducted by Pauline Lecomte
Year : 2015

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Foreword by Paul Gottfried. On May 21, 2013, Dominique Venner, confronted by events he could no longer control, committed suicide by shooting himself in the mouth in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Venner left behind a suicide note, explaining his horror at the gay marriage law that French President François Hollande had pushed through the National Assembly. He further lamented the self-destruction of his country and of European civilisation in general, a course of events that he ascribed to, among other causes, the reduction of heterosexual marriage to just another choice, and to the unwillingness of Western Europeans to keep their countries from being resettled by Muslims. Thus there died a brilliant historian, who had also been a soldier for lost causes in his youth. The two identities in Venner’s case were intertwined. In November 1956, Venner participated in a raid on the offices of the French Communist party in Paris in support of the freedom fighters in Hungary, who were combating a reinvasion by their Soviet occupiers. As a paratrooper, he had fought to keep Algeria French, and then, as a member of the Organisation of the Secret Army, he had tried to overthrow the government of Charles de Gaulle when the former French commander abandoned the French Algerian cause, for which he was jailed. Although Venner was rarely successful in the choices he made as a warrior, he saw himself as fighting for the European heritage as a man of the Right. ...

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