Villani Gerry - Voices of the Waffen SS Volume 1

Author : Villani Gerry
Title : Voices of the Waffen SS Volume 1
Year : 2015

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Foreword. “SS”, two crooked little letters. Who would guess that two little letters could strike fear and terror into the hearts of millions? Yet they did just that during WWII! They represented a military division so dedicated to their country and their leader like no other in history! Hitler’s Waffen SS fought like no others and some of its members committed atrocities that have few equals in history! Taught and said to be Supermen, over and over again, they actually started to believe it themselves! These are the pictures painted of the Waffen SS by the events of WWII. History is written - for the most part - by the victors. The victors have the means and the resources to write history however they see it fit, with little recourse by the defeated. Example being my ancestors: they fought for the South in the American Civil War. Portrayed as slave owners, rebels, and scum by the North, and yet in many cases they never owned slaves, never wanted to secede from Union, and were forced into the service of the Confederacy. They were said to be evil, racist, and full of hate! Yet they were just people who lived, loved, hurt, bled, and died just like the forces of the North. They had stories too, but history hid those and they were not told at the time of the victory of the North. So it was also with the Waffen SS. Portrayed as evil incarnate, devils, and scum! Yet, they also lived, loved, hurt, bled, and died just like those who fought against them. They prayed to the same God, they were Husbands, fathers, brothers, and sons. But for the most part, we see only the side of the story written by the victors! Now some of these stories we hear are true of course. There were those in the Waffen SS who committed horrible atrocities, we can’t deny that fact! War crimes were committed and punishment of those involved was totally justified. But there were those who were just soldiers, fighting for their fatherland and following orders. And there were those who were pressed into service with the Waffen SS, the conscripts… What these men all have in common are stories! They all have stories and why were they not told? Not because they were shy or embarrassed about their past. No, because the world has never heard them, until now. ...

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