Von Hoensbroech Paul Graf - Fourteen Years a Jesuit Volume 1

Author : Hoensbroech Paul Graf
Title : Fourteen Years a Jesuit Volume 1 A record of personal experience and a criticism
Year : 1911

Link download : Von_Hoensbroech_Paul_Graf_-_Fourteen_Years_a_Jesuit_Volume_1.zip

TO MY WIFE. At your side, and under your gentle yet firm influence, a new life has arisen in me on the ruins of the old. With courage and a loving devotion that shrank from no sacrifice, you joined your fate to mine in despite of the hard and tormenting difficulties that towered like mountains before you. It was you who strengthened my power of endurance and increased my joy in creation. If was your wise judgment that watched over my labours. All that I have attained in face of a world of difficulties, is, in part, your work. That is why love and gratitude that will endure till death dedicate to you this book of my life. ...

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