Wallis Marion - The subversion of australian education

Author : Wallis Marion
Title : The subversion of australian education What is wrong with our schools ?
Year : 1977

Link download : Wallis_Marion_-_The_subversion_of_australian_education.zip

Foreword. "The Subversion of Australian Education" is the culmination of almost twenty years of concern about the poor educational standards achieved by a generation of young Australians. Marion Wallis became aware of the decline in teaching methods and curriculum content when her children commenced primary school . Spelling and grammatical errors went uncorrected by teachers ; the importance of the 3R's was largely ignored ; and the schools were obsessed with innovation. At high school, the teaching of language was abandoned ; English expression and literature were relegated to positions of unimportance ; true literature was replaced by novels of dubious literary worth ; and text books containing disastrous historical inaccuracies and political bias were introduced and emphasised. The traditional values held by parents were scorned, and the students who chose to adhere to strong personal morals were ostracised if not blatantly ridiculed. The university campus was but another step in the same direction of political, social and moral indoctrination. The tertiary student was starved of personal security and social stability on campus - every value, norm and belief was threatened by chaotic mob consensus. For the last three years, the author has spent much time documenting evidence to support these serious indictments, and probing the reasons behind the present educational dilemma which is threatening every aspect of our civilization. Marion Wallis has drawn heavily upon the information provided by many informed educators of high integrity. Their views have been largely ignored, suppressed, and worse, scorned, by the social engineers (and all too frequently, the media) whose aim is the fragmentation of society to facilitate the implementation of a new humanist social order. Unbeknown to the majority of people, a wealth of published information is available. The purpose of this book is to throw some light on what has happened to Australian schools, and to provide concerned people with the information which is essential before the problem can be realistically confronted. It is the author's hope that this book will be a stimulus for parent, teacher and community action to re-establish a genuine educational process within the schools, colleges and universities. "The hope of future generations depends upon us. Without an informed reaction to the present subversive activities and policies of the educational manipulators, our great national heritage will indeed be lost ." ...

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