Walt Lewis William - The Eleventh Hour

Author : Walt Lewis William
Title : The Eleventh Hour
Year : 1982

Link download : Walt_Lewis_William_-_The_Eleventh_Hour.zip

This book is addressed primarily to the twenty-nine million Americans who have served their country in the Armed Forces and to those millions of young Americans who will have to bear the burdens of future wars. It is a call to arms, a plea to all of you to fight a battle now to prevent a war tomorrow. Unless you respond—both veteran and youth—the sacrifices of the past and the promises of the future will vanish down the drain of history. I have never asked Marines to go into battle without telling them exactly what they faced so far as I knew it. My one unbreakable rule has always been to stick with facts and tell the truth. That is what I am going to do in this book. The facts are these: the United States has been brought, by its own civilian leaders, to a position of military inferiority to the Soviet Union. At this moment, you and your loved ones stand exposed to physical destruction. The option of whether you shall live or die rests primarily with the hardened men who occupy the Kremlin. ...

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