Welch Robert - The Neutralizers

Author : Welch Robert
Title : The Neutralizers
Year : 1963

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Less than five percent of the inhabitants of Russia belong to the Communist Party. And this percentage is undoubtedly higher than for any other country in the world. The criminal gangsters at the top of the Communist hierarchy are usually able, with only about three percent of a population as their actual instruments of power, to impose and then maintain their brutal rule over the other ninety-seven percent. The most important principle in their strategy for accomplishing this feat is the promotion of divisiveness in all of their opposition. By tremendous skill and cunning, now with the benefit of long experience, and by painstaking attention to the details of every opportunity, the Communists divide, subdivide, and re-divide that opposition, until their monolithic body has to overcome and subdue only futile fragments of all the vast potential strength against them. It is the intent of this speech, or of this composite transcript of several different speeches on the same subject, to deal with the current application of that strategy to The John Birch Society. In the beginning, and while we were still quite small, the Communists and their dupes and allies set out to destroy the Society by methods which were simpler for themselves, and far less expensive in the effort and manpower required. These attacks, aimed at the Society as a whole, came in waves, each with its separate theme. First was the demand for official investigations of the Society by governmental committees. We made it clear at once that we would welcome all such investigations. And the only one actually held, which was a very thorough investigation extending over two years, by the Senate Fact-finding Subcommittee of the State of California, gave the Society such a resounding clearance that the report has been a thorn in the side of our enemies ever since. A second wave consisted basically of smears, ridicule, and name-calling turned on us by high-ranking potentates of the Liberal Establishment, including the President, Vice-President, and Attorney General of the United States, and by all of the press and other communications media which could be brought into the act. We simply grew stronger through all of these attacks. The next campaign was both more extensive and more subtle. Using appeals to every variety of motivation, from the most gullible idealism to the most sordid self-interest, the Comsymps behind the scenes beguiled many important Conservatives into joining a huge concerted movement to demolish The John Birch Society. Participation was made more palatable to a lot of those involved by concentrating most of the drive on this writer personally; but the real purpose - as boasted by the chief front man of the attack, to friends of his who were also friends of mine — was simply "to destroy The John Birch Society." This attack, unlike the others, had serious and lasting results. There was a "delayed reaction" to it, or at least a continuing impact, which put a lot of obstacles in our path, and slowed down our rate of growth for many months. But we not only survived, and kept on growing- even though more slowly; but little by little we patiently brushed away all of the false impressions that had been created about us, gradually recovered our normal rate of growth, and emerged visibly far stronger than we had ever been before. So, since none of these attacks on the Society as a whole had been successful, our enemies reluctantly decided that they would have to go to work against us at what we might call the retail level. There is nothing new in the tactics being used, and they are certainly being applied to other anti-Communists. But our structure is such that mounting a direct attack on us through attempted infiltration or disruptive appeals at the chapter level, or even at regional levels, is a sizable operation requiring a considerable amount of manpower. Perhaps we should be both flattered and encour aged that the Comsymps regard us as potentially so dangerous. At any rate we are concerned at what we can see taking place. And this paper is an attempt to minimize the effect of the whole splintering operation, by bringing our members to see more clearly— in advance, if possible - the real nature and purpose of the wedges that the enemy now seeks to drive into our ranks. We call these ideological wedges "the neutralizers." The objective for which they are used is to pull members right out of the Society, onto some one of several narrowly restricted courses for opposing the Communist menace; or to get members so pre occupied with some one approach to the problem that, even if they remain in the Society, they become innocuous passengers at best and increasing y disruptive disputants at worst. As we have become steadily more conscious of an extensive organized campaign at work along these lines, we have identified seven different "philosophies" or "arguments" or "programs" which are used to bring about these various forms of neutralization. In the following pages we shall touch on each of them at least briefly, and on some of them at more length. ...

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