Whisker James B. - The Philosophy of Alfred Rosenberg

Author : Whisker James B.
Title : The Philosophy of Alfred Rosenberg Origins of the national socialist myth
Year : 1990

Link download : Whisker_James_B_-_The_Philosophy_of_Alfred_Rosenberg.zip

Alfred Rosenberg was born in Reval (now Talinn), Estonia, on 12 January 1893. His ancestors were German who earned their living as merchants and artisans. In 1910 he graduated from a polytechnical high school in Riga, Latvia. During the First World war he was a student in Moscow, studying art and architecture. He was a witness to the October Revolution which brought the Bolsheviki to power in Russia. He returned to Reval and by November 1918 he had moved to Munich. Of the major National Socialist leaders who were of age during the war, Rosenberg alone was not a soldier. Rosenberg became friendly with leading racists of the post war world. He knew the members of the Bayreuth Circle, led then by Houston Stewart Chamberlain. The Circle was a racist discussion group founded by Richard Wagner. Included in the circle were Richard Wagner's son, daughter, daughter-inlaw and widow. Dietrich Eckhardt was a welcome visitor and probably was responsible for introducing both Rosenberg and Hitler to the Circle. The principal work produced by the Circle was Chamberlain's Foundations of the Nineteenth Century. Rosenberg planned his Myth of the Twentieth Century as a sequel to Chamberlain's book. Rosenberg expressed his admiration for Chamberlain, and acknowledged National Socialism's debt to Chamberlain, in Houston Stewart Chamberlain als Verki1nderundBergrilnder (Munich: Brockmann, 1927). Dietrich Eckhardt was probably responsible for introducing Rosenberg to Adolf Hitler in the fall of 1919. They formed a lasting friendship. Rosenberg probably introduced Hitler to the document located in Russia, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, a highly controversial pamphlet. It was reportedly a master plan for Zionist domination of the world through control of banking and commerce. Rosenberg first edited a German edition of The Protocols entitled Die Protokolle der Weisen von Zion und die jildische Weltpolitik (Munich: Boppel, 1923). He then built on the themes in two additional works: Die Spur des Juden im Wandel der Zeiten (Munich: Eher, 1937); and Unmoral im Talmud (Munich: Central Press of the NSDAP, 1943). The same themes are used in The Myth of the Twentieth Century. ...

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