Williams O. R. - Segregation and common sense

Author : Williams O. R.
Title : Segregation and common sense
Year : 1961

Link download : Williams_O_R_-_Segregation_and_common_sense.zip

That there may be a better understanding as to the necessity, and the justice of racial segregation, I write this little book. Therefore, with this end in view, I will not have too much to say concerning the legal aspects of this important issue; but on the other hand, I will endeavor to determine whether segregation is "Right" or "Wrong" -based on COMMON SENSE, THE RIGHTS OF MAN, and THE RIGHTS OF GOD. This I will do, because - many times - there is a vast difference in a law being legal and a law being "Right." If a thing is "Wrong," no law, or legal authority can make it "Right" by declaring that it is "Right." While on the other hand, if a thing is " Right," no law, or legal authority can make it "Wrong" by proclaiming that it is "Wrong." Before the Civil War, the Constitution of the United States recognized the institution of slavery; and the Supreme Court, by its decisions, upheld the right to hold human beings in bondage. So, as a result of this, Negroes were forced to perform services for the white people of this Nation. But being recognized by the Constitution and held legal by the Supreme Court did not make the institution "Right," because slavery was "Wrong"; and neither the Constitution, or the Supreme Court could make it "Right" by upholding slavery. Because "Right" is "Right" and "Wrong" is "Wrong"-regardless of any constitution, law, or court decision. ...

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