Willinger Markus - Generation identity

Author : Willinger Markus
Title : Generation identity
Year : 2013

Link download : Willinger_Markus_-_Generation_identity.zip

Preface. Europe is in a deep crisis. This crisis weighs more heavily than the division of Europe by the Iron Curtain, or the destruction of our continent during both world wars. This crisis is fundamentally different from others that we have lived through. It is a crisis of the European spirit. After the National Socialist reign of terror, our continent fell sick and lost its will to live. The next generation, the ’68ers, hated and condemned everything that had been passed down to them: every tradition, every belief in their own kind, every will toward an authentic identity. This belief that one’s own kind is worthless - that cultures, peoples, and families count for nothing and need to be rooted out - threatens to end Europe’s existence as a continent for Europeans. The people of Europe have lost their will to live; they are dying out, because they don’t want to thrive any longer, because they don’t want to have any more children, and because they’ve forgotten what it means to stand up and fight for one’s own. The ideology of the ’68ers has infected Europe. It is a sickness that will kill us if we don’t find a cure. Even if we’ve lost our will to power, our neighbours haven’t, and they’re already penetrating our borders and occupying the places that we freely surrender to them. The ideology of the ’68ers is divorced from reality and cannot endure in the long run. It will pass with time. Either we Europeans will recover and free ourselves from it, or it will drag Europe into the abyss, and we will both disappear together. ...

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