Yorke Barbara - Wessex in the early middle ages

Author : Yorke Barbara
Title : Wessex in the early middle ages
Year : 1995

Link download : Yorke_Barbara_-_Wessex_in_the_early_middle_ages.zip

Foreword. The aim of the Studies in the Early History of Britain is to promote works of the highest scholarship which open up virgin fields of study or which surmount the barriers of traditional academic disciplines. As interest in the origins of our society and culture grows while scholarship becomes ever more specialized, interdisciplinary studies are needed not only by scholars but also by students and laymen. This series will therefore include research monographs, works of synthesis and also collaborative studies of important themes by several scholars whose training and expertise has lain in different fields. Our knowledge of the early Middle Ages will always be limited and fragmentary, but progress can be made if the work of the historian embraces that of the philologist, the archaeologist, the geographer, the numismatist, the art historian and the liturgist - to name only the most obvious. The need to cross and to remove academic frontiers also explains the extension of the geographical range from that of the previous Studies in Early English History to include the whole island of Britain. The change would have been welcomed by the editor of the earlier series, the late Professor H.P.R. Finberg, whose pioneering work helped to inspire, or to provoke, the interest of a new generation of early medievalists in the relations of Britons and Saxons. The approach of this series is therefore deliberately wide-ranging. Early medieval Britain can only be understood in the context of contemporary developments in Ireland and on the Continent. ...

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