Young Ann-Eliza - A full exposé of mormonism

Author : Young Ann-Eliza
Title : A full exposé of mormonism The story of a life in Bondage, being a complete exposé of mormonism, and revealing the sorrows, sacrifices and sufferings of women in polygamy
Year : 1876

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Introduction to the year-2000 edition. During a meeting I conducted in Medford, Oregon a couple of years ago, a lady came up to me and asked me if I had ever read Wife No. 19 by Ann-Eliza Young. I had not, but when I got home I found one on the Internet and ordered it. For two years I worked on transcribing the text so that it could be printed in this present form and so it could be uploaded onto the Internet. My daughter, Jaime, worked hundreds of hours in that process. Ann-Eliza’s story is fresh today, 125 years after she wrote it. It is the story of an insider. Born in Nauvoo as Brigham Young ascended to the leadership of the Mormon Church, and being intimate with the events of early Mormonism, she provides an eyewitness account of early Church history. Her parents were among the earliest devotees of Mormonism and remained faithful to Brigham Young for decades. Eventually Brigham married Ann-Eliza, a girl he had bounced on knee when she was a child living next door to the Young house in Nauvoo. Her story intimately details life in polygamy up until she could no longer stand the abuses she saw on every hand in Utah—polygamy, blood atonement, thievery—all under the strong hand and unmitigated gall of Brigham Young. The story reads very easily, Ann-Eliza has a free and easy writing style that has survived remarkably well for more than a century. The reader of this volume will come away with a new appreciation of what it meant to be a Mormon in Nineteenth Century Utah. In fact, much insight into Mormonism today shines through this account. Along with our earlier restoration of M. T. Lamb’s Golden Bible, I feel this book will continue to speak for another hundred years should the Lord tarry that long. James R. Spencer Boise, Idaho August, 2000. ...

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