Zündel in Mannheim

Author : AAARGH
Title : Zündel in Mannheim Zündel à Mannheim
Year : 2006

Link download : Zundel_in_Mannheim.zip

Day 1 of the Zundel Trial: Supporter Arrested for Comment to Prosecutor; Two of Ernst's Lawyers Removed Our man at the Zundel trial which opened today in Mannheim e-mailed the following report. The trial of Germany’s most famous political prisoner – and Canada’s too – opened in an atmosphere of police and state repression. Today lots of excitement! The court is overflowing with Zundel supporters. The entire court is filled, and at least 20-30 more wait in the hall. There are lots of media outlets here, so keep an eye on German media. There are people here from as far away as Ireland, Canada, Austria, France, etc. There is also press here from Paraguay. Some of the local press people were saying, "We Germans are not allowed to write German history?" Ernst is looking in good spirits and gave me the thumbs up during the hearing. During breaks he stays in the court room. He is not allowed to talk to anyone but his lawyers. The laws that Ernst is accused to have broken are as follows: 1945 Nürnberg 1950 Deutschlandvertrag 1990 2 more Deutschlandvertrags and 4 Allied laws. Specifics where not given to me, although I asked. The lawyers argued for Ernst's release as he has been in jail for almost 3 yrs now. They petitioned the judge for his release and also said since a new lawyer is coming on board, they will need more prep time and asked for a several month adjournment. Most feel he won't be released - that this trial is just a propaganda project. The police went around to see if you were there, asking a lady sitting in front of me for papers to see that she wasn't you. I am sitting beside a man who speaks good English, and he is giving me a running idea of what is happening. Gunter Deckert is here - (a former political leader, imprisoned previously for five years or more, if I am not mistaken because he verbally translated the Leuchter Report) Lady Michelle Renouf from Britain and another leading German - I'll try to get his name soon. He might be from the NPD (a small but rapidly growing and much feared Nationalist party in Germany) and a person named Max Becker, who I think was also charged like Ernst. ...

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