Zweig Ronald W. - German reparations and the jewish world

Author : Zweig Ronald W.
Title : German reparations and the jewish world A history of the claims conference
Year : 1987

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Preface. This book was originally published as part of a series of researchesu ndertakena t the Institute of ContemporarJye wry, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, on the general theme of Germanr eparations.M y own researchin to the Claims Conferencew as preceded by the research of Nana Sagi into the events leading up to, andt he courseo f, the negotiationsw ith Germanyi n 1952. Theseb ooks were researcheda nd publishedd uring the late 1980s,y earsb efore the subject attracted any general interest. The renewal of Jewish claims in the late 1990s against Swiss banks, insurance companies, the Austrian government and German industry have revived interest in the history of restitution, indemnificationa nd reparations.T his book was an early attempt to examine what was done with the monies received from a previous round of German reparations. It looks at the impact of Germanr eparationso n the rehabilitationo fJ ewishl ife,Jewishc ommunities and Jewish cultural activities during the generation that followed the Holocaust. The years between 1945 and 1967 were dramatic ones in Jewish history, and there were unprecedentedc laims on Jewish philanthropy. While Jewish communities outside the communist world benefited from the general postwar prosperity, the ability of voluntary organizations to mobilize the public budgets needed to meet the challenges of rehabilitating and resettling Holocaust survivors and of rebuilding communities in Europe, as well as the needs of mass immigration into Israel, was limited. German reparations and restitution funds played a huge role in meeting these needs. ...

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