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Sunday 24 June 2018

Trevor-Roper Hugh - The age of expansion Europe and the world 1559-1660

Author : Trevor-Roper Hugh Redwald Title : The age of expansion Europe and the world 1559-1660 Year : 1968 Link download : Trevor-Roper_Hugh_-_The_age_of_expansion_Europe_and_the_world_1559-1660.zip Foreword. Hugh Trevor-Roper. This is the seventh volume in a series which seeks to illustrate as  […]

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Wednesday 17 January 2018

Yockey Francis Parker - Imperium 2013 edition

Author : Yockey Francis Parker Title : Imperium The philosophy of History and politics 2013 edition Year : 1948 Link download : Yockey_Francis_Parker_-_Imperium_2013_edition.zip Forword by Dr. Kerry Bolton. This edition of Imperium attests to the increasing interest by new generations in the  […]

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Tuesday 10 October 2017

Joseph Frank - The lost treasure of king Juba

Author : Joseph Frank Title : The lost treasure of king Juba The evidence of Africans in America before Columbus Year : 2003 Link download : Joseph_Frank_-_The_lost_treasure_of_king_Juba.zip Preface. As the editor in chief of Ancient American magazine, I am regularly prevailed upon by mostly  […]

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Monday 9 October 2017

Joseph Frank - Discovering the mysteries of ancient America

Author : Joseph Frank Title : Discovering the mysteries of ancient America Lost history and legends, unearthed and explored Year : 2006 Link download : Joseph_Frank_-_Discovering_the_mysteries_of_ancient_America.zip Introduction. America b.c. : Before Columbus by Frank Joseph, Editor, Ancient  […]

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Saturday 23 September 2017

Jordan Don - Walsh Michael - White Cargo

Authors : Jordan Don - Walsh Michael Title : White Cargo The forgotten history of Britain’s White slaves in America Year : 2007 Link download : Jordan_Don_-_Walsh_Michael_-_White_Cargo.zip Introduction. In the shadow of the myth. Slavery they can have everywhere. It is a weed that grows in every  […]

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Saturday 1 July 2017

Sharlet Jeff - The family

Author : Sharlet Jeff Title : The family The secret fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power Year : 2008 Link download : Sharlet_Jeff_-_The_family.zip Introduction. The avant-garde of american fundamentalism. This is how they pray: a dozen clear-eyed, smooth- skinned “brothers” gather in a  […]

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Tuesday 27 June 2017

Schrag Paul - Haze Xaviant - The suppressed history of America

Authors : Schrag Paul - Haze Xaviant Title : The suppressed history of America The murder of Meriwether Lewis and the mysterious discoveries of the Lewis and Clark expedition Year : 2011 Link download : Schrag_Paul_-_Haze_Xaviant_-_The_suppressed_history_of_America.zip Foreword. If it flies in the  […]

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Haze Xaviant - The suppressed history of American Banking

Author : Haze Xaviant Title : The suppressed history of American Banking Year : 2016 Link download : Haze_Xaviant_-_The_suppressed_history_of_American_Banking.zip How big banks fought Jackson, killed Lincoln, and caused the Civil War. ...  […]

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Sunday 29 January 2017

Piggott Stuart - The dawn of civilization

Author : Piggott Stuart Title : The dawn of civilization Volume 1 The first world survey of human cultures in early times Year : 1968 Link download : Piggott_Stuart_-_The_dawn_of_civilization.zip Foreword. Almost exactly three years ago the initial scheme for The Dawn of Civilization saw its first  […]

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Sunday 18 September 2016

Vallières Pierre - White niggers of America

Author : Vallières Pierre Title : White niggers of America The precocious autobiography of a Quebec "terrorist" Year : 1968 Link download : Vallieres_Pierre_-_White_niggers_of_America.zip Foreword. In reading this book it is important to remember the following facts. 1. The book was  […]

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