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Monday 14 May 2018

Bolton Kerry Raymond - The banking swindle

Author : Bolton Kerry Raymond Title : The banking swindle Money creation and the State Year : 2013 Link download : Bolton_Kerry_Raymond_-_The_banking_swindle.zip The study of money, above all other fields in economics, is one in which complexity is used to disguise truth or to evade truth, not to  […]

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Wednesday 1 November 2017

Friedman Murray - The neoconservative revolution

Author : Friedman Murray Title : The neoconservative revolution Jewish intellectuals and the shaping of public policy Year : 2005 Link download : Friedman_Murray_-_The_neoconservative_revolution.zip This book, which will come as a surprise to many educated observers and historians, suggests that  […]

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Tuesday 27 June 2017

Perkins John - Confessions of an economic hit man

Author : Perkins John Title : Confessions of an economic hit man Year : 2004 Link download : Perkins_John_-_Confessions_of_an_economic_hit_man.zip Preface. Economic hit men (EHMs) are highly paid professionals who cheat countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars. Theyfunnel money.from  […]

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Haze Xaviant - The suppressed history of American Banking

Author : Haze Xaviant Title : The suppressed history of American Banking Year : 2016 Link download : Haze_Xaviant_-_The_suppressed_history_of_American_Banking.zip How big banks fought Jackson, killed Lincoln, and caused the Civil War. ...  […]

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Monday 19 June 2017

Schoenbaum David - Hitler's social revolution

Author : Schoenbaum David Title : Hitler's social revolution Class and status in Nazi Germany 1933-1939 Year : 1966 Link download : Schoenbaum_David_-_Hitler_s_social_revolution.zip Preface. This book originated as a dissertation at St. Antony’s College, Oxford. The Warden and Fellows of St.  […]

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Wednesday 22 March 2017

Tedor Richard - Hitler's revolution

Author : Tedor Richard Title : Hitler's revolution Ideology Social programs Foreign affairs Year : 2014 Link download : Tedor_Richard_-_Hitler_s_revolution.zip Ideology. Introduction. Certain historical eras are timeless in their facility to inspire curiosity and imagination. Ancient Egypt and Rome  […]

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Thursday 11 August 2016

Bukharin Nikolai - Imperialism and world economy

Author : Bukharin Nikolai Title : Imperialism and world economy Year : 1915 Link download : Bukharin_Nikolai_-_Imperialism_and_world_economy.zip Introduction by By V. I. Lenin. The importance and timeliness of the topic treated in the work of N. I. Bukharin require no particular elucidation. The  […]

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Monday 8 August 2016

Weatherford Jack - The history of money

Author : Weatherford Jack Title : The history of money Year : 1997 Link download : Weatherford_Jack_-_The_history_of_money.zip Of all the changes that are rocking the world and promising to leave it a far less recognizable place, perhaps none is more fundamental than the revolutionary  […]

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Davies Glyn - A history of money

Author : Davies Glyn Title : A history of money From ancient times to the present day Year : 1994 Link download : Davies_Glyn_-_A_history_of_money.zip Foreword. From earliest times money in some form or another has been central to organized living. Increasingly it shapes foreign and economic  […]

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Sunday 10 July 2016

Ahamed Liaquat - Lords of finance

Author : Ahamed Liaquat Title : Lords of finance The bankers who broke the world Year : 2009 Link download : Ahamed_Liaquat_-_Lords_of_finance.zip Introduction. On august 15, 1931, the following press statement was issued: “The Governor of the Bank of England has been indisposed as a result of the  […]

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