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Friday 7 October 2016

Lorenz Konrad - Civilized man's eight deadly sins

Author : Lorenz Konrad Title : Civilized man's eight deadly sins Year : 1973 Link download : Lorenz_Konrad_-_Civilized_man_s_eight_deadly_sins.zip A Foreword with a Silver Lining. During the final stages of publishing a pape,_. or a book, I always feel strongly repelled by my own writing. Not that  […]

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Tuesday 5 April 2016

Oliver Revilo Pendleton - Aborting minds

Author : Oliver Revilo Pendleton Title : Aborting minds Year : 1985 Link download : Oliver_Revilo_Pendleton_-_Aborting_minds.zip A brief item in the Courrier du Continent for December reports that in Romania very stringent legislation to prevent abortions took effect in June 1984. Persons who  […]

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Tuesday 1 March 2016

Galton Francis - Essays in eugenics

Author : Galton Francis Title : Essays in eugenics Year : 1909 Link download : Galton_Francis_-_Essays_in_eugenics.zip Preface. The following Essays are re-printed in the chronological order of their delivery. They will, therefore, help to show something of the progress of Eugenics during the last  […]

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Monday 5 October 2015

Rubin Herman Harold - Eugenics and sex harmony

Author : Rubin Herman Harold Title : Eugenics and sex harmony The sexes, their relations and problems Including recent fascinating medical discoveries, prevention of disease, and special advice for common disorders Year : 1933 Link download : Rubin_Herman_Harold_-_Eugenics_and_sex_harmony.zip  […]

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Goddard Henry Herbert - Feeble-mindedness

Author : Goddard Henry Herbert Title : Feeble-mindedness Its causes and consequences Year : 1914 Link download : Goddard_Henry_Herbert_-_Feeble-mindedness.zip Preface. This book is in the nature of a report on work done at the Vineland Research Laboratory during the past five years in an attempt to  […]

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Friday 22 May 2015

Gross Walther - National Socialist racial policy

Author : Gross Walther Title : National Socialist racial policy A speech to german women Year : 1934 Link download : Gross_Walther_-_National_Socialist_racial_policy.zip My Dear German Women and Girls ! When Germans come together today to discuss the things that concern us both as individuals and  […]

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Gross Walther - Race

Author : Gross Walther Title : Race A radio speech Year : 1934 Link download : Gross_Walther_-_Race.zip German youth! Since National Socialism took the leadership in Germany, one often hears people talking in all sorts of places about race. It was not always that way. Even two years ago, our  […]

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Saturday 15 November 2014

Isherwood H. B. - Race and politics

Author : Isherwood H. B. Title : Race and politics The myth of racial equality Year : 1978 Link download : Isherwood_H_B_-_Race_and_politics.zip Natural inequalities. Probably the greatest single cause of the political turmoil disfiguring the world today is the Marxist or Socialist pretence that  […]

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Wednesday 12 November 2014

Ortega y Gasset José - The revolt of the masses

Author : Ortega y Gasset José Title : The revolt of the masses Year : 1929 Link download : Ortega_y_Gasset_Jose_-_The_revolt_of_the_masses.zip Prefatory note. In my book Espana Invertebrada, published in 1922, in an article in El Sol entitled "Masas" (1926), and in two lectures given to  […]

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Sunday 9 November 2014

Clark Gregory - Hamilton Gillian - Survival of the Richest

Authors : Clark Gregory - Hamilton Gillian Title : Survival of the Richest : The Malthusian mechanism in pre-industrial England Year : * Link download : Clark_Gregory_-_Hamilton_Gillian_-_Survival_of_the_Richest.zip Fundamental to the Malthusian model of pre-industrial society is the assumption  […]

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