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lundi 17 février 2014

Morgan William - Illustrations of Masonry

Author : Morgan William
Title : Illustrations of Masonry
Year : 1827

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Introduction. (WRITTEN FOR THE ORIGINAL EDITION. By the Publisher, Col. David C. Miller, Batavia, N.Y.) In the absence of the author, or rather compiler of the following work, who was kidnapped and carried away from the village of Batavia, on the 11th day of September, 1826, by a number of Freemasons, it devolves upon the publisher to attempt to set forth some of the leading views that governed those who embarked in the undertaking. To contend with prejudice, and to struggle against customs and opinions, which superstition, time, and ignorance have hallowed, requires time, patience, and magnanimity. When we begin to pull down the strongholds of error, the batteries we level against them, though strong, and powerful; and victorious at last, are at first received with violence; and when in our conquering career we meet with scoffs and revilings from the beseiged partisans of untenable positions, it the more forcibly impresses us we are but men; and that in every work of reformation and renovation we must encounter various difficulties. For a full confirmation of our statement we might refer to the history of the world. It is not our intention, however, to give a full detail of the whims and caprices of man to bring forth the historic records of other years as proof of the windings and shiftings of the various characters who have "Strutted their brief hour on life's stage" in order to convince that customs, associations, and institutions are like the lives of the authors and abettors, fleeting and fragile. Many of them rise up as bubbles on the ocean, and die away. Circumstances give them existence, and when these causes cease to exist, they go into the same gulf of oblivion as countless exploded opinions and tenets have gone before them. The mind that formed and planned them, goes on in its dazzling flight, bounding over barrier after barrier, till it has arrived at the ultimate goal of consummation. The daily occurrences before us bring forth the full conviction that the emanation from the God of light is gradually ascending to regions of greater intellectual brilliancy. When we view man, in the infancy of society, as in the childhood of his existence, he is weak, powerless and defenceless; but in his manhood and riper years, he has grown to his full stature, and stands forth in commanding attitude, the favored and acknowledged lord of the world. For his comfort and well-being as a member of society, rules and regulations are necessary. In the various stages of his progress, these systematic improvements undergo various changes, according to circumstances and situations. What is proper and necessary in one grade of society, is wholly useless, and may be alarming in another. Opinions and usages that go down in tradition, and interfere not with our improvements in social concerns, adhere to us more closely and become entwined in all our feelings. It is to this we owe our bigoted attachment to antiquity – it is this that demands from us a superstitious reverence for the opinions and practices of men of former times, and closes the ear against truth, and blinds the eyes to the glare of new lights and new accessions of knowledge through which medium only can they break in upon the mind. ...

mardi 21 janvier 2014

Feeney Leonard - Freemasonry in the life and time of Pope Pius IX

Author : Feeney Leonard
Title : Freemasonry in the life and time of Pope Pius IX
Year : 1950

Link download :

IN THE YEAR 1792, on May thirteenth, in the ancient Italian seaport town of Sinigaglia, high up on its perch overhanging the Adriatic Sea, there was born to the Mayor of the city, Count Girolamo Mastai-Ferretti and his wife, the Countess Caterina, their seventh child, Giovanni-Maria Giovanni-Battista Pietro Isidoro. The year 1792 was an ominous one, as far as the world outside the castle of the Mastai-Ferretti’s was concerned, and it would forever overshadow the life of little John Mary Mastai-Ferretti, one day to become the great Pope Pius IX and to rule the Church of Jesus Christ from the throne of Peter for thirty-two years, the longest pontificate of any Pope except Peter. He would, this boy born in the tragic year of 1792 — gently nurtured, sensitive, generous, gay, loving, pure, true-hearted, possessing great charm and great good looks, taught as a child to revere the poor, deeply devoted to the Church and known for his constant and absorbing love of the Blessed Virgin Mary — live all his days surrounded by revolution; revolution diabolically planned and sustained, the like of which never before was seen. The unbelievably horrible French Revolution, the first in the satanic plan to tear down the thrones and altars of Christendom, was already three years old in the year 1792, when John Mary Mastai-Ferretti was born. It is not at all surprising that the French Revolution, about which we in America, as if by a gigantic conspiracy, have been taught so little of the real truth, should be visited upon the land which had allowed its king — in his mad passion to place himself above and beyond the jurisdiction of the Vicar of Christ — to cause the death of Pope Boniface VIII. It is true that France remained nominally Catholic both during and after the Protestant revolt, but it never as a nation quite returned, even in the periods of Catholic revival, to its old purity of Faith and its old filial devotion to the Popes, which had been its crowning mark before the outrage and death of Pope Boniface VIII in 1303. ...

samedi 11 janvier 2014

Feeney Leonard - The Point 1959

Author : Feeney Leonard
Title : The Point 1959
Year : 1959

Link download :

Should hate be outlawed. Most Americans, hearing this question, would answer promptly, “Yes, by all means, hate should be outlawed!” Their eagerness to reply can be accounted for all too easily. During the last decade and a half, they have been pounded with a propaganda barrage calculated to leave them in a state of dazed affability toward the whole world. Those advertising techniques that are normally used to encourage Americans to be choosy in matters of soap and toothpaste are now being enlisted to persuade them that there is no such thing as a superior product in matters of culture and creed. On billboards, on bus and subway posters, in newspapers and magazines, through radio and television broadcasts, Americans are being assured and reassured, both subtly and boldly, that “Bigotry is fascism ... Only Brotherhood can save our nation ... We must be tolerant of all !” The long-range effects of this campaign are even now evident. It is producing the “spineless citizen”: the man who has no cultural sensibilities; who is incapable of indignation; whose sole mental activity is merely an extension of what he reads in the newspaper or sees on the television screen; who faces moral disaster in his neighborhood, political disaster in his country, and an impending world catastrophe with a blank and smiling countenance. He has only understanding for the enemies of his country. He has nothing but kind sentiments for those who would destroy his home and family. He has an earnest sympathy for anyone who would obliterate his faith. He is universally tolerant. He is totally unprejudiced. If he has any principles, he keeps them well concealed, lest in advocating them he should seem to indicate that contrary principles might be inferior. He is, to the extent of his abilities, exactly like the next citizen, who, he trusts, is trying to be exactly like him: a faceless, characterless putty-man. ...

Feeney Leonard - The Point 1958

Author : Feeney Leonard
Title : The Point 1958
Year : 1958

Link download :

Soldiers of the Church militant. Our Canonized Saints At War “You stiff-necked and uncircumcised in heart and ears, you always resist the Holy Ghost: as your fathers did, so do you also. Which of the prophets have not your fathers persecuted? And they have slain them who foretold of the coming of the Just One; of whom you have been now the betrayers and the murderers.” When he had concluded these words, the speaker was led away and stoned to death by his audience. Now, before anyone seizes upon this episode as an argument for always speaking politely, we had better note that, although the above utterance did anger the Jews of Jerusalem to the point of murder, it won for its author, Saint Stephen, the glorious and eternal recompense of being Christ’s Protomartyr: the first to shed his blood for the Catholic Faith. Since Saint Stephen’s time, speeches like his have been no rarity in the annals of the Church. For it has become increasingly clear through the centuries that the kind of talk that gets you into trouble may also get you canonized. Despite representations made by the modern school of hagiographers, the saints are not always smiling, are not always mild-mannered and consoling, do not have a good word for everyone. The saints find this world a far-from-rosy place, and are breathtakingly blunt in announcing their findings. Whether they are berating the enemies of Christ, or giving Christians a needed prodding, or simply insisting on the truths of the Catholic Faith, they leave no doubt that one requirement for being an exemplary member of the Church Militant is a measure of militancy. A notion of the impact that the saints have made as preachers can be inferred from the titles that have been both popularly and officially bestowed on them: Saint Anthony of Padua, “Hammer of Heretics”; Saint John Capistrano, “Scourge of the Jews”; and Saint Gaspar del Bufalo, “Hammer of Freemasons.” ...

Feeney Leonard - The Point 1957

Author : Feeney Leonard
Title : The Point 1957
Year : 1957

Link download :

Jewish invasion of our country. Our Culture Under Siege On the last day of December, 1955, there died at Miami Beach, Florida, an aged Jew named Ludwig Lewisohn. The event was notable; for by it American Jewry was relieved of its most eloquent spokesman — and most incorrigible beans-spiller. Lewisohn had dedicated his mature years and ripe literary talent unstintingly to the work of rhapsodizing his race; but he never made an effort to camouflage the true Jewish character for the sake of appeasing the Gentiles. The creature he celebrated, and dangled defiantly before the eyes of the world, was the naked, unvarnished article: the Jew as he is. For Lewisohn, it is the Jews’ glory, never to be concealed, that they are the enemies of Christ (“a teacher neither original nor important”) and of His Church (“a new Paganism with its thousand altars to its hundred gods”). Moreover, in a fever of racial revelation, he presents his people as unshakeable foes of the very culture, the civilization which Christianity has begotten. “We are a different folk,” he blurts out in one book; “we do remain eternally ourselves ... So soon as I express the inmost me — not the economic man or the mere man of knowledge — I come into collision with folk-ways and beliefs and laws ... Civilizations express in their totality an ethos which is definite, however hard to sum up in a formula ... And the ethos which from within outward built Christian civilization is not ours.” Though many Jews chewed their nails over Lewisohn’s disclosures, a greater number felt it was high time for this frank statement of their position. As a tribute to him, Lewisohn was invited to bellow out his final years as the star of new, Jewish Brandeis University. The general feeling was well-expressed by one rabbi, who said of the book from which the above quotations are taken, “The soul of Israel is revealed in its glorious pages.” And this brings us to the grim consideration: what will be the result of the ever-growing influence of Jews in the United States? Clearly and inescapably, unless this influence is checked it will mean the end of our society. Our traditions, our standards, our ways are not the Jews’ — who neither approve them nor understand them, and who will destroy them if they can. On this point, too, Lewisohn is emphatic. Example: “The laws of the state of New York are based on the Christian assumption that marriage is a sacrament.” ...

Feeney Leonard - The Point 1956

Author : Feeney Leonard
Title : The Point 1956
Year : 1956

Link download :

The jewish gangs of Boston. The Siege. It has been the repeated warning of a local rabbi named Joseph Shubow that, “Boston, Massachusetts, is a pivotal city for United States’ Jewry.” In plain American, what the rabbi means is that, “Unless we Jews can control the Catholic city of Boston, it will stand as a serious threat to our grip on the rest of the country.” With this in mind, The Point has decided to start off the new year by sharing with its outof- town readers some on-the-spot information about the full-scale Jewish siege of Boston Catholics. And siege it most decidedly has become, for Joseph Shubow’s spiritual children have taken his message to heart. They are fighting the “Battle of Boston” with dedicated zest, and if, as Shubow complains, some of the less zealous ones do occasionally sleep, we have yet to discover them at it. An outland observer might well conclude to Boston’s Semitic beleaguerment merely from knowing the high concentration of Jews in the place. For, apart from the fiveborough ghetto of New York, there is not one city among America’s forty largest which can surpass Boston’s nearly twenty-per-cent Jewish population. To the vanishing Boston Brahmin, and the multiplying Boston Catholic, the Jewish assault is every day becoming more evident. Brandeis University, elbowing its way into Boston’s ivy-covered college clique, is a front-line division in the current Hebrew campaign. At the outset, Brandeis was scheduled to be “Einstein University,” until that frankly-Communist mathematician went into a pout over the appointment of a president. Einstein wanted bright-Red Harold Lasky to get the job, the directors thought the choice “imprudent.” Still, the latest appointment to Brandeis’ Jewish faculty is Dr. Felix Browder, son of Earl, the late head of the American Communist Party. This appointment got rave notices in the Boston press, as do all Brandeis activities. Recent sample: a photograph of Archbishop Richard J. Cushing eagerly attentive to the Semitic jesting of Brandeis Trustee Joseph Linsey, a local Jewish racketeer and racetrack owner. A considerable weapon in the fight to gain control of the city has been an Interfaith organization called the Massachusetts Committee of Catholics, Protestants, and Jews, founded by Boston Jew Ben Shapiro. This gentleman’s success came vividly home to The Point when a prominent pastor explained to us that he was obliged to attend a synagogue service because, “Ben Shapiro asked me to !” ...

Feeney Leonard - The Point 1955

Author : Feeney Leonard
Title : The Point 1955
Year : 1955

Link download :

World governement by the jews. Of the 1,800 executives employed at United Nations headquarters in New York City, over 1,200 are Jews. In its current report in the American Jewish Yearbook, the American Jewish Committee labels opposition to the United Nations as anti-semitism. David Ben-Gurion, first Prime Minister of the State of Israel, told American newsmen in an interview in 1948, “The United Nations ideal is a Jewish ideal.” ...

Feeney Leonard - The Point 1954

Author : Feeney Leonard
Title : The Point 1954
Year : 1954

Link download :

Pointers. In the October, 1953, issue of The Point, we reported how the Catholic Digest had been rebuked by the Bishop of Saint Augustine, Florida, for some bad theology in one of its articles. We advised the Digest to stay away from anything theological in the future and to stick to its usual features in the fields of medicine, sociology, and household hints. But our advice went unheeded. Last month the Catholic Digest published another religious article, this time in the field of moral theology, and, sure enough, it had to be slapped down again. The piece was a contribution from the English Dominican, Gerald Vann. The archdiocese of Detroit issued an official protest against Father Vann’s religious ethics, saying that his article contained “several errors,” and “flaws that tend to be dangerous to a high degree.” The Point neither subscribes to, nor purchases, the Catholic Digest. We see it only when someone in the neighborhood calls one of its erroneous articles to our attention. Of late, there is someone at our door nearly every month. ...

Feeney Leonard - The Point 1953

Author : Feeney Leonard
Title : The Point 1953
Year : 1953

Link download :

Pointers. John Foster Dulles, our newly-appointed Presbyterian Secretary of State, has lately been photographed with his Roman-collared son, thus revealing that the Dulles family and the Catholic Church have something in common: a member named Avery. Under the spiritual direction of his prominently Protestant father, Avery Dulles had grown up to be an atheist. Then, by involved intellectual processes which he wrote a book about, Avery abdicated to the overtures of “Omniscient Love” and became a Catholic and a Jesuit. Included also in the photograph were Presbyterian Mrs. Dulles and daughter, the total pictorial effect being a splendid Interfaith testimonial to the wisdom of Father Keller’s dictum, “The family that votes together, gloats together.” ...

samedi 28 décembre 2013

A Phoenix journal - 226

Author : A Phoenix journal
Title : 226
Year : 1998

Link download :

CHAPTER 1. THE WORLDLINE HEPTAMERON AN UNCENSORED HISTORY OF OUR ORIGINS AND OVERLORDS. PART I IN A SERIES by Calvin Burgin 2/5/98. Editor’s note: The following begins a new series from Calvin Burgin; as he explains in a footnote, Heptameron means: Heptameron (hep-tam’-e-rön): “a book or treatise containing the actions of seven days, in the style of Boccaccio’s Decameron or the Heptameron of Queen Margaret of Navarre (1492-1549)” INTRODUCTION. WHY THIS BOOK WAS WRITTEN. WARNING: This book may shatter your whole concept of world history. Some will reject it out of hand as being simply too much to even consider. Many will not have the ability or willpower to understand it (it takes study). For some of you, though, your viewpoint of history is about to change drastically. I DO NOT ASK YOU TO BELIEVE ANY OF THIS. I do not believe in “belief”. All I suggest is you learn what is presented herein, think about it, and then, if you wish, tell me your viewpoint. My purpose is to search for truth, not to present a dogma. Once you learn what I know, then we have a common ground from which to learn new truth. Where I am wrong, you may detect it and help me in my pursuit of truth. “Seek, and ye shall find.” This material is for “hard-core” seekers! Some of this may be, and probably is, WRONG! In fact, some of it is contradictory because I quote sources that are contradictory. I do KNOW that historians continually change history, so I have tried to go back to find the information as close to the original event as possible and put it together into a reasonable, coherent, UNCENSORED story. The oldest events in the written history of the Western world are the Flood and the Tower of Babel events. One might include the Creation Story, except that there would have been eyewitnesses to the Flood and Babel events (assuming they actually happened). Finding eyewitnesses to the Creation might be a bit more difficult! Before one can judge whether the Flood and the Tower of Babel events were real events, one should at least become familiar with what the stories are and with what evidence is available. My purpose is to examine the evidence, see if it fits into the broader picture, and see what, if anything, can be learned. ...

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