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Sunday 27 August 2017

Dollmann Eugen - With Hitler and Mussolini

Author : Dollmann Eugen Title : With Hitler and Mussolini Memoirs of a Nazi interpreter Year : 1967 Link download : Dollmann_Eugen_-_With_Hitler_and_Mussolini.zip Foreword by David Talbot. SS COLONEL EUGEN DOLLMANN was not one of the most central figures in Hitler’s inner circle, but he certainly  […]

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Dollmann Eugen - Nazi fugitive

Author : Dollmann Eugen Title : Nazi fugitive The true story of a German on the run Year : 1956 Link download : Dollmann_Eugen_-_Nazi_fugitive.zip Forword by David Talbot. SS COLONEL EUGEN DOLLMANN was not one of the most central figures in Hitler’s inner circle, but he certainly was the most  […]

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Sunday 20 August 2017

Mulley Clare - The women who flew for Hitler

Author : Mulley Clare Title : The women who flew for Hitler The true story of Hitler’s Valkyries Year : 2017 Link download : Mulley_Clare_-_The_women_who_flew_for_Hitler.zip Preface : truths and lives. Hey, history this, history that … why should millions of viewers and readers of … films and  […]

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Friday 4 August 2017

Spiro Jonathan Peter - Defending the Master Race

Author : Spiro Jonathan Peter Title : Defending the Master Race Conservation, eugenics, and the legacy of Madison Grant Year : 2009 Link download : Spiro_Jonathan_Peter_-_Defending_the_Master_Race.zip Introduction. At the conclusion of World War II, the American Military Tribunal at Nuremberg  […]

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Tuesday 27 June 2017

Tolstoy Nikolai - Victims of Yalta

Author : Tolstoy Nikolai (Tolstoï-Miloslavski Nikolaï Dmitrievitch) Title : Victims of Yalta Year : 1977 Link download : Tolstoy_Nikolai_-_Victims_of_Yalta.zip Preface to the Corgi edition. Victims of Yalta was first published on 6 February 1978. Since that time widespread concern at its  […]

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Skorzeny Otto - My commando operations

Author : Skorzeny Otto Title : My commando operations The memoirs of Hitler’s most daring commando Year : 1975 Link download : Skorzeny_Otto_-_My_commando_operations.zip On the right of self-determination of peoples. An invented triumvirate : Borghese-de Marchi-Skorzeny - My youth in Vienna - The  […]

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Petropoulos Jonathan - Royals and the Reich The princes Von Hessen in Nazi Germany

Author : Petropoulos Jonathan Title : Royals and the Reich The princes Von Hessen in Nazi Germany Year : 2006 Link download : Petropoulos_Jonathan_-_Royals_and_the_Reich_The_princes_Von_Hessen_in_Nazi_Germany.zip Introduction. Two vignettes reflect many of the themes treated in this book. The first  […]

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Padfield Peter - Hess, Hitler and Churchill

Author : Padfield Peter Title : Hess, Hitler and Churchill The real turning point of the Second World War : a secret history Year : 2013 Link download : Padfield_Peter_-_Hess_Hitler_and_Churchill.zip Acknowledgements. Have to thank Andrew Lownie, my agent, for providing important contacts and  […]

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Padfield Peter - Dönitz The last Führer

Author : Padfield Peter Title : Dönitz The last Führer Year : 1984 Link download : Padfield_Peter_-_Donitz_The_last_Fuhrer.zip Peter Padfield is an established biographer and naval historian. His interest in German history stemmed from a book he wrote on the Anglo-German naval rivalry prior to the  […]

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Tuesday 20 June 2017

Whitman James Q. - Hitler's American model

Author : Whitman James Q. Title : Hitler's American model The United States and the making of Nazi race law Year : 2017 Link download : Whitman_James_Q_-_Hitler_s_American_model.zip Introduction. This jurisprudence would suit us perfectly, with a single exception. Over there they have in mind,  […]

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