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Tuesday 17 January 2017

Wickham Christopher - The inheritance of Rome

Author : Wickham Christopher Title : The inheritance of Rome A History of Europe from 400 to 1000 Year : 2009 Link download : Wickham_Christopher_-_The_inheritance_of_Rome.zip Introduction. Early medieval Europe has, over and over, been misunderstood. It has fallen victim above all to two grand  […]

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Saturday 14 January 2017

Rice David Talbot - The dawn of European civilization Volume 3

Author : Rice David Talbot Title : The dawn of European civilization Volume 3 The dark ages Year : 1965 Link download : Rice_David_Talbot_-_The_dawn_of_European_civilization_Volume_3.zip Introduction. The Myth of the 'Dark Ages'. David Talbot Rice. UNTIL NOT so LONG AGO it was sufficient for a  […]

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Tuesday 10 January 2017

Mussolini Benito - The doctrine of fascism

Author : Mussolini Benito Title : The doctrine of fascism Year : 1935 Link download : Mussolini_Benito_-_The_doctrine_of_fascism.zip Like all sound political conceptions, Fascism is action and it is thought; action in which doctrine is immanent, and doctrine arising from a given system of  […]

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Tuesday 1 March 2016

Evola Julius - Notes on the Third Reich

Author : Evola Julius (Giulio Cesare Evola) Title : Notes on the Third Reich Year : 1974 Link download : Evola_Julius_-_Notes_on_the_Third_Reich.zip Foreword by E. Christian Kopff. In 1964, Julius Evola published Fascism: Essay of a Critical Analysis from the Point of View of the Right, a critical  […]

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Monday 29 February 2016

Evola Julius - Fascism viewed from the right

Author : Evola Julius (Giulio Cesare Evola) Title : Fascism viewed from the right Year : 1974 Link download : Evola_Julius_-_Fascism_viewed_from_the_right.zip A Note from the Editor. The footnotes to the Introduction were added by E. Christian Kopff. The footnotes to the text itself were added by  […]

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Sunday 27 December 2015

Alighieri Dante - The divine comedy

Author : Alighieri Dante Title : The divine comedy Year : 1307 - 1321 Link download : Alighieri_Dante_-_The_divine_comedy.zip This publication of The Divine Comedy of Dante, Translated by H.F. Cary, is a publication of the Pennsylvania State University. This Portable Document file is furnished free  […]

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Tuesday 5 August 2014

The Stormtrooper magazine - Volume 6 Number 01

Author : The Stormtrooper magazine Title : Volume 6 Number 01 Year : 199* Link download : The_Stormtrooper_magazine_-_Volume_6_Number_01.zip The untold story of Benito Mussolini. ...  […]

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Friday 31 January 2014

Barnes Harry Elmer - Who started world war one ?

Author : Barnes Harry Elmer Title : Who started world war one ? An unbiased analysis of the causes and mitigating factors of World War One from the father of historical Revisionism Year : 2009 Link download : Barnes_Harry_Elmer_-_Who_started_world_war_one.zip Preface. Wars & the Decline of the  […]

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Monday 23 December 2013

Luttwak Edward - Coup d'Etat

Author : Luttwak Edward Nicolae Title : Coup d'Etat A practical handbook Year : 1967 Link download : Luttwak_Edward_-_Coup_d_Etat.zip Foreword. Coup d'Etat, the brilliant and original book of a then very young man, first published in 1967, attracted immediate attention and appeared subsequently in  […]

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Wednesday 18 December 2013

Sturdza Michel - The suicide of Europe

Author : Sturdza Michel Title : The suicide of Europe Year : 1968 Link download : Sturdza_Michel_-_The_suicide_of_Europe.zip Introduction. But who dares call the child by its right name ? The few who knowing something about it Were foolish enough not to guard it in their hearts, Those who have  […]

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