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Thursday 17 November 2016

Taylor Kathleen - Brainwashing

Author : Taylor Kathleen Title : Brainwashing The science of thought control Year : 2006 Link download : Taylor_Kathleen_-_Brainwashing.zip Brainwashing. Kathleen Taylor is a research scientist in the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics at the University of Oxford. Brainwashing, her  […]

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Friday 30 September 2016

O'Brien Cathy - Phillips Mark - Trance formation of America

Authors : O'Brien Cathy - Phillips Mark Title : Trance formation of America Year : 1995 Link download : O_Brien_Cathy_-_Phillips_Mark_-_Trance_formation_of_America.zip Ninth printing. Since the first printing of TRANCE was released in September 1995, many of the hard-to-comprehend details have been  […]

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Wednesday 29 June 2016

Svali - Svali speaks Breaking the chain

Author : Svali Title : Svali speaks Breaking the chain A book by former illuminati trainer Svali Year : 2000 Link download : Svali_-_Svali_speaks_Breaking_the_chain.zip This excellent book was written by a former cult programmer who goes by the name Svali. She escaped from the Illuminati cult in  […]

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Monday 28 December 2015

Project mkultra, the CIA's program of research in behavioral modification

Author : U.S. Governement printing office Title : Project mkultra, the CIA's program of research in behavioral modification Year : 1977 Link download : Project_mkultra_the_CIA_s_program_of_research_in_behavioral_modification.zip Joint hearing before the select committee on intelligence and the  […]

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Sunday 27 December 2015

Aquino Michael - Psychological operations The ethical dimension

Author : Aquino Michael Title : Psychological operations The ethical dimension Year : 1987 Link download : Aquino_Michael_-_Psychological_operations_The_ethical_dimension.zip Introduction: The Relevance of Ethics to PSYOP. This paper came about as a consequence of my participation in a recent  […]

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Tuesday 15 December 2015

Sutphen Dick - The battle for your mind

Author : Sutphen Dick Title : The battle for your mind Persuasion and brainwashing techniques being used on the public today Year : 1995 Link download : Sutphen_Dick_-_The_battle_for_your_mind.zip Introduction. I'm Dick Sutphen and this tape is a studio-recorded, expanded version of a talk I  […]

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Thursday 10 December 2015

Makow Henry - Illuminati 3

Auteur : Makow Henry Ouvrage : Illuminati 3 La Possession Satanique Année : 2014 Lien de téléchargement : Makow_Henry_-_Illuminati_3.zip Ouverture. Cela ressemble au scénario d’un film de science-fiction des années 50. L’humanité est sous l’emprise d’un culte satanique. Tous ceux qui veulent  […]

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Saturday 9 May 2015

Kitson Frank - Low intensity operations

Author : Kitson Frank Title : Low intensity operations Subversion, insurgency, peace-keeping Year : 1971 Link download : Kitson_Frank_-_Low_intensity_operations.zip Preface to Paperback Edition. Low Intensity Operations was written primarily to prepare the army to play a part in countering  […]

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Thaler Richard H. - Sunstein Cass R. - Nudge

Authors : Thaler Richard H. - Sunstein Cass R. Title : Nudge Improving decisions about Health, Wealth, and Happiness Year : 2008 Link download : Thaler_Richard_H_-_Sunstein_Cass_R_-_Nudge.zip Introduction. The Cafeteria. A friend of yours, Carolyn, is the director of food services for a large city  […]

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Thursday 30 April 2015

De Ruiter Robin - Témoins de Jéhovah Les missionnaires de Satan

Auteur : De Ruiter Robin Ouvrage : Témoins de Jéhovah Les missionnaires de Satan Année : 1991 Lien de téléchargement : De_Ruiter_Robin_-_Temoins_de_Jehovah_Les_missionnaires_de_Satan.zip Présentation. Une pléthore d’ouvrages ont été publiés sur la Société de la Tour de Garde et ses adeptes, les  […]

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