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Friday 25 August 2017

Terry Patricia - Renard the Fox

Author : Terry Patricia Title : Renard the Fox The misadventures of an epic hero Year : 1983 Link download : Terry_Patricia_-_Renard_the_Fox.zip Introduction. By the middle of the thirteenth century in France, the common word for fox, goupil, had been replaced by the name of the fox whose  […]

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Friday 7 April 2017

Briggs Katharine Mary - An encyclopedia of fairies

Author : Briggs Katharine Mary Title : An encyclopedia of fairies Hobgoblins, brownies, bogies, and other supernatural creatures Year : 1976 Link download : Briggs_Katharine_Mary_-_An_encyclopedia_of_fairies.zip Preface. The word 'fairy' is used in various ways. There are a number of slang and cant  […]

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Tuesday 28 March 2017

White Latham Minor - The Elizabethan fairies

Author : White Latham Minor Title : The Elizabethan fairies Year : 1930 Link download : White_Latham_Minor_-_The_Elizabethan_fairies.zip The fairies of folklore and the fairies of Shakespeare. ...  […]

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Stewart Robert John - Robert Kirk Walker between worlds

Author : Stewart Robert John Title : Robert Kirk Walker between worlds Year : 1990 Link download : Stewart_Robert_John_-_Robert_Kirk_Walker_between_worlds.zip Foreword : by Jennifer Westwood, London, 1990 The road to the fairy knowe. The Secret Commonwealth of Robert Kirk ( 1644-97), minister of  […]

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Monday 27 March 2017

Greer John Michael - Monsters

Author : Greer John Michael Title : Monsters An investigator's guide to magical beings Year : 2001 Link download : Greer_John_Michael_-_Monsters.zip About the Author. John Michael Greer has been a student of occult traditions and the unexplained for more than thirty years. A Freemason, a student of  […]

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Evans-Wentz Walter Yeeling - The fairy-faith in Celtic countries

Author : Evans-Wentz Walter Yeeling Title : The fairy-faith in Celtic countries Year : 1911 Link download : Evans-Wentz_Walter_Yeeling_-_The_fairy-faith_in_Celtic_countries.zip Preface. During the years 1907-9 this study first took shape, being then based mainly on literary sources ; and during the  […]

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Saturday 25 March 2017

Branston Brian - Gods of the North

Author : Branston Brian Title : Gods of the North Year : 1955 Link download : Branston_Brian_-_Gods_of_the_North.zip Historical introduction. Mythology is every man's business; whether it be of the private kind called psychology or the collective kind which manifests itself in stories of the gods.  […]

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Wednesday 22 March 2017

Bort Janet - Fairies

Author : Bort Janet Title : Fairies Real encounters with little people Year : 1997 Link download : Bort_Janet_-_Fairies.zip Foreword. Fairies are ... Immediately I am at a loss for words, for fairies cannot easily be defined. They are different things to different people - tiny gossamer beings with  […]

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Thursday 2 February 2017

Goodrick-Clarke Nicholas - Hitler's priestess

Author : Goodrick-Clarke Nicholas Title : Hitler's priestess Savitri Devi, the Hindu-Aryan myth, and Neo-Nazism Year : 1998 Link download : Goodrick-Clarke_Nicholas_-_Hitler_s_priestess.zip Introduction. "Discovered Alive in India: Hitler’s Guru!" The young German sat on the threadbare  […]

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Tuesday 17 January 2017

Cleary Collin - Summoning the Gods

Author : Cleary Collin Title : Summoning the Gods Essays on Paganism in a God-Forsaken World Year : 2011 Link download : Cleary_Collin_-_Summoning_the_Gods.zip Editor’s Introduction. Collin Cleary—the enigmatic sage of Sandpoint, Idaho—burst onto the intellectual scene almost ten years ago, with  […]

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