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Thursday 28 July 2016

Verbeke Siegfried - Gas me if you can

Author : Verbeke Siegfried Title : Gas me if you can An annotated and updated interview with Belgian revisionist Siegfried Verbeke Year : 2016 Link download : Verbeke_Siegfried_-_Gas_me_if_you_can.zip Translated and Updated by Ronald L. Ray With New Commentary from Siegfried Verbeke. On January 9,  […]

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Tuesday 26 July 2016

Reynouard Vincent - The ordeal of the revisionist activists

Author : Reynouard Vincent Title : The ordeal of the revisionist activists (and their families) Year : 2016 Link download : Reynouard_Vincent_-_The_ordeal_of_the_revisionist_activists.zip Recently, a viewer asked me to respond to opponents and other agitators, who, under the video about Elie Wiesel  […]

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Reynouard Vincent - In Auschwitz open your eyes and don't listen to the guides

Author : Reynouard Vincent Title : In Auschwitz open your eyes and don't listen to the guides Warning to the young people who will visit Auschwitz Year : 2016 Link download : Reynouard_Vincent_-_In_Auschwitz_open_your_eyes_and_don_t_listen_to_the_guides.zip Are you a college student or a high  […]

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Reynouard Vincent - Acquittal for Philippe Pétain

Author : Reynouard Vincent Title : Acquittal for Philippe Pétain Year : 2016 Link download : Reynouard_Vincent_-_Acquittal_for_Philippe_Petain.zip Finally, on November 16, 1945, The Citadelle opens again its doors to welcome the oldest world prisoner, Marshal Petain, 90 years old, former French  […]

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Monday 18 April 2016

Colby Benjamin - 'Twas a famous victory

Author : Colby Benjamin Title : 'Twas a famous victory Deception and propaganda in the war with Germany Year : 1974 Link download : Colby_Benjamin_-_Twas_a_famous_victory.zip Introduction. The United States fought World War II in Europe for the stated objective of bringing peace and freedom to  […]

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Saturday 2 January 2016

Remer Otto-Ernst - On the new jewish world order

Author : Remer Otto-Ernst Title : On the new jewish world order Year : 1993 Link download : Remer_Otto-Ernst_-_On_the_new_jewish_world_order.zip Foreword. Retired Major General Otto Ernst Remer was interviewed by Ahmed Rami, who is the correspondent in Europe of the greatest Islamic newspaper,  […]

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Tuesday 15 December 2015

Wernerhoff Carl - Historians or Hoaxers ?

Author : Wernerhoff Carl Title : Historians or Hoaxers ? The unprofessional disdain of academic historians for documenting the Holocaust Year : 2014 Link download : Wernerhoff_Carl_-_Historians_or_Hoaxers.zip Historians sometimes think of themselves as truth tellers and iconoclasts. One Canadian  […]

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Weir John - The plum cake

Author : Weir John Title : The plum cake Year : 2015 Link download : Weir_John_-_The_plum_cake.zip Since the end of World War II a search has continued, and for many has ended with the quarry having eluded its hunters. Some believe what they seek never existed in physical form, but existed  […]

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Weckert Ingrid - The bizarre story of Kristallnacht

Author : Weckert Ingrid Title : The bizarre story of Kristallnacht “Crystal Night” 1938 : the great anti-german spectacle Year : * Link download : Weckert_Ingrid_-_The_bizarre_story_of_Kristallnacht.zip Introduction. “Crystal Night” is the name that’s been given to the night of 9-10 November 1938.  […]

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Wear John - Holocaust eyewitnesses Is the testimony reliable ?

Author : Wear John Title : Holocaust eyewitnesses Is the testimony reliable ? Year : 2015 Link download : Wear_John_-_Holocaust_eyewitnesses_Is_the_testimony_reliable.zip Inevitably, when anyone questions the genocide of European Jewry, the eyewitness testimony is raised as proof that the genocide  […]

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