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Wednesday 29 March 2017

Vallée Jacques - Wonders in the sky

Authors : Vallée Jacques - Aubeck Chris Title : Wonders in the sky Unexplained aerial objects from antiquity to modern times and their impact on human culture, history, and beliefs Year : 2010 Link download : Vallee_Jacques_-_Wonders_in_the_sky.zip Foreword by David J. Hufford, Ph.D. Professor  […]

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Vallée Jacques - UFOs The psychic solution

Author : Vallée Jacques Title : UFOs The psychic solution UFO influences on the human race Year : 1975 Link download : Vallee_Jacques_-_UFOs_The_psychic_solution.zip Introduction. In the last twenty-five years, thousands of people have reported the persistent appearances of UFO phenomena. A careful  […]

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Vallée Jacques - Revelations

Author : Vallée Jacques Title : Revelations Alien contact and human deception Year : 1991 Link download : Vallee_Jacques_-_Revelations.zip Prologue. The men were dressed in fatigues. They signaled for us to stop the car. Bob turned off the engine. The wind carried a small cloud of dust past the  […]

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Vallée Jacques - Fastwalker

Author : Vallée Jacques Title : Fastwalker A novel Year : 1996 Link download : Vallee_Jacques_-_Fastwalker.zip Note to the reader. This book is based on Alintel, a French-language novel published by Mercure de France in Paris in 1986. In its present form it owes much to my friends Tracy Torme, who  […]

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Vallée Jacques - Confrontations

Author : Vallée Jacques Title : Confrontations A scientist's search for alien contact Year : 1990 Link download : Vallee_Jacques_-_Confrontations.zip Prologue. On a beautiful, clear day in late April 1980, I found myself climbing a steep hill across the bay from the city of Rio de Janeiro to locate  […]

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Tuesday 28 March 2017

Hynek Josef Allen - Vallée Jacques - The edge of reality

Authors : Hynek Josef Allen - Vallée Jacques Title : The edge of reality A progress report on unidentified flying objects Year : 1975 Link download : Hynek_Josef_Allen_-_Vallee_Jacques_-_The_edge_of_reality.zip Introduction. We start with the incontrovertible fact that reports of Unidentified  […]

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Tuesday 17 January 2017

Vallée Jacques - Passport to Magonia

Author : Vallée Jacques Title : Passport to Magonia On UFOs, folklore, and parallel worlds Year : 1969 Link download : Vallee_Jacques_-_Passport_to_Magonia.zip Chapter one. Visions of a parallel World. So Man, who here seems principal alone, Perhaps acts second to some sphere unknown. Touches some  […]

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Vallée Jacques - Dimensions

Author : Vallée Jacques Title : Dimensions A casebook of alien contact Year : 1988 Link download : Vallee_Jacques_-_Dimensions.zip Foreword by Whitley Strieber. There are two things about the UFO controversy that make it uniquely interesting. The first is that it is probably the deepest mystery  […]

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Vallée Jacques - Anatomy of a phenomenon

Author : Vallée Jacques Title : Anatomy of a phenomenon The detailed and unbiased report of UFOs Year : 1965 Link download : Vallee_Jacques_-_Anatomy_of_a_phenomenon.zip About the author : Jacques Vallee, born and educated in France, holds degrees in mathematics and astronomy. He is a consultant on  […]

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Thursday 5 January 2017

Keith Jim - Saucers of the Illuminati

Author : Keith Jim Title : Saucers of the Illuminati Year : 1999 Link download : Keith_Jim_-_Saucers_of_the_Illuminati.zip Foreword by Kenn Thomas. I remember Jim Keith writing this book. At the time, he was also working on an article for the coming issue of Steamshovel Press. Jim contributed  […]

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